Where Would You Live in Game of Thrones?

By Ramsey Judah


A new season of Game of Thrones is upon us and millions of people around the world are going to be glued to their TV sets to see the comeback of Jon Snow and its effect on the Seven Kingdoms.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes go into daydream mode as to where I would want to live in Game of Thrones and what House would be best in order to not only survive, but thrive. Maybe it’s the realtor in me. But below I’ll go through some positives and negatives I’ve noticed in different regions.

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Disadvantages: Ummm, how about everything? It’s freezing, women have been sworn off, unruly Wildlings, everyone there is some kind of criminal or crazy person and the White Walkers are on their way.

Advantages: It’s pretty high up so there must be some amazing views of the lands and you won’t need a refrigerator (which would be a plus for most SoCal tenants).

The Wall sucks. Its basically the place of purgatory of the Game of Thrones. Proponents of the Night’s Watch can claim that it takes great honor, discipline and blah blah blah to be there.

But if someone doomed me to The Wall to live out the rest of my days I would most likely cry and then really give them a reason to send me there.


Disadvantages: Lack of diversity, seems to only have one season: winter and it’s being run by a bunch of jackasses.

Advantages: The people seem to have a tight-knit community.

Diversity is null and void in the North. Nothing but pasty skin tones here so White People Meet will probably have the highest market share among dating websites.

I feel for the north, though. I think most of us do. Winterfell is in ruins and the North is being run by a sadistic psychopath that unfortunately shares my name. I rarely hear my name on TV and of course it has to belong to the biggest a-hole on the show.

A friend asked me if Ramsay is worse than Joffrey and my response was that there is no doubt he is. Joffrey was publicly a terrible person. But Ramsey is a private terribly person which makes him so much more devious and unpredictable.

But the people of the North remember, as was said to Sansa, which could mean that the Starks may end up making a comeback starting this season.


Disadvantages: Everyone wants to wipe this place out, the royal family is shattered, poverty is becoming more rampant, the queen mother is running the place into the ground and religious extremists have taken over the city.

Advantages: Security?

The rational heads of King’s Landing are no longer in King’s Landing. Despite his power hungry ways, Tywin was actually a wise and calculated voice to the crown. Even more so was Tyrion who probably would have made the best King of the Seven Kingdoms that had ever existed.

But now all that is left is a child-king and irrational despots who are much more reactive than they should be. The addition of the Sparrows will be an incredibly interesting twist and it will be interesting to see how that plays out in the city.


Disadvantages: TBD.

Advantages: Weather is warm, lush greenery and desert, stubbornly strong girls and a leader who seems to have a pretty good head on his shoulders.

Dorne has a pretty cool history compared to the rest of Westoros. It is the only kingdom that could not be conquered by the Iron Throne and became a part of the Seven Kingdoms through royal marriage.

We were just officially introduced to Dorne last season so we can only imagine we will see more of the southern principality after the kiss of death reaches King’s Landing.


Disadvantages: Way too much slavery going on, it looks really hot, the people are too set in their ways to change and now there’s a big dragon running around.

Advantages: There’s an ethnic hodgepodge going on, the food must be awesome and Tyrion is now advising Daenerys.

The East is a big place. A really big place actually. It’s also a place that is set in its ways and where slavery seems to be the biggest contributor to the region’s GDP. This is definitely a place where you’ll always find work, until you’re dead.

Tyrion, my favorite character, is finally going to utilize his talents and help lead a new nation which is what he was born to do.

I know I barely scratched the surface in places that exist in this amazing series. But I have an 850 word limit. A lot of the great information I found on places and their histories I obtained from the Game of Thrones Wiki and can be found here.

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